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BVBVK/UPBIF Energy supplement July 2022

Below you will find the energy supplement that came into effect from today.

Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK energieprijstoeslag juli 2022.pdf (pdf, 161 KB)

The BVBVK reports a price increase of 8,79 % from 1/1/2022

The costs for Belgian refrigeration and freezing companies, for handling, storing and freezing goods, already increased by 8.79 percent in the first ten months of 2021.

This is shown by the calculation of the BVBVK on the basis of the evolution of the official indices STATBel (General Direction of Statistics of the FPS Economy) that are published monthly: the consumer price index, the labour cost index and the electricity index.

A new price increase in the course of 2022 cannot be excluded.

Portable Document Format (PDF) (pdf, 264 KB)Portable Document Format (PDF) PRESS RELEASE.pdf (pdf, 261 KB)


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